Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BSJ in Stockinette stitch

This is my current project - making the famous Baby Surprise Jacket in Stockinette stitch. The original pattern is done in Garter stitch and I've made several of them that way, but there had been some talk on the Knit Baby Surprise e-mail group about a Stockinette version, so I decided to try my hand at converting this classic! So far it seems to be working out well, although it is hard to tell in these photos due to the curling that stockinette naturally does. My plan is to finish the entire sweater with garter stitch edgings to counteract all the curling. :o)

The first pic is the BSJ after only a few rows and shows how the decreases all line up with the center st of the double decrease always on top. It also shows how I've marked this center stitch. In the next pic, all the decreasing is done and I'm about to begin the increases. In the last pic, I've folded the BSJ so you can get a vague idea as to what this is going to look like when it is finally all done. :o)

Hopefully soon I can get a pic of where I am on this sweater now. I've actually gotten all the increases finished and I'm working on the bottom extension (or lengthening), so I'm not really all that far from finishing this Adorable little sweater! :o)


Yvette said...

Hey James - is it looking like it is going to be long and skinny instead of square and boxy like the garter stitch version? If not, you have exploded the myth!

Will bookmark your blog - I have made so many of these - and have perfected a teeny one for newborns and preemies.

You have a great name - my son is James too!!!!

with love


Jan in CA said...

It's looking great! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Thanks for doing this!


Pandaman said...

Hey Yvette - Surprisingly, No it isn't looking long and skinny! It is hard to tell in the photos because of the curling, but it seems to be coming out to the proper proportions for the most part! The sleeves seem a tad wide, but may be okay once it's finished and sewn together!

I've made several of these also and will make many more in garter, I'm sure, but I thought it would be a FUN experiment to make it in stockinette! :o)

Your son has a Great name! LOL

Love Ya,
James :o)

Pandaman said...

Hi Jan - So far, so good! I'm anxious to see it finished also! I just want to see if my calculations and predictions were as accurate as I hope they are! :o)

You're Very Welcome Sweetie! I've been sorta wanting to do this for a while and the recent talk on the list finally prompted me to "take the plunge". LOL

Love Ya,
James :o)

Robert said...

Looks great so far. I've been tempted to try this also, but no time. Keep it up as we are all anxious to see the results...I'm attempting to teach my 6-year-old grandson to knit ... he loves to watch me and has asked to learn. My dad did needlepoint, so I think this is a great opportunity.
Wilma (aka Willie) in CA

Janet said...

James your BSJ in stockinette st is beautiful. I would love to do it in Stockinette St., would it be possible to find out how you did yours, please. I have Great Grandbabies that I would love to do these for but, I am not crazy over all garter st. Thanks.
Love Ya
Janet in the Beautiful Land of Enchantment New Mexico