Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BSJ in Stockinette - Part 2

Here is a pic of my BSJ so far. A few more rows and the extension part will be complete, then I'll finish with the garter stitch edging. I'll add some garter rows to the sleeves since they normally are a three-quarter length and a couple extra rows won't make a huge difference. :o) I'm also going to add a garter collar, but I'm not sure if I want a crew or shirt style - guess I'll decide that when I get there! Hmm .... maybe a shirt collar - that would be TOO CUTE!! LOL :o)


Mariella said...

Hey this is looking so great! I can't wait to see the finished sweater.

Yvette said...

Wow James it ISN'T going long and skinny is it??

I am impressed - and oh my , I've just thought - fairisle! intarsia!

What measurement will the final product be do you think? Did you use worsted weight?

with love


Emily said...

It looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to the finished sweater pictures.

Pandaman said...

Thanks Everyone! I'm getting excited to see the end result myself! LOL :o)

Yvette - At the moment, it appears the finished chest measurement will be about 19" around and the length from shoulder to the bottom of the waistband will be about 11.5", so it MAY be a bit narrow. But then, babies come in all sizes, don't they? :o)

Yes, I'm using a worsted, but I think it works up more like a Light worsted. I'm getting 5 sts/in on size 8 needles with this yarn and I normally get 4.5 sts/in with size 8 and worsted. :o)

Hope to have this finished by Thursday evening or Friday - I'm SOOO Tickled that it's working out so well. I'm getting anxious for the finished product! LOL :o)

Shelly said...
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Flores Hayes said...

so CUTE!!!

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag